Glamping Shepherd’s hut

Tadaaaaaa! Our newest asset!  Every language has its own name for it. In English it’s know as Shepherd’s Hut or Tiny House, in Dutch it’s called a Pipowagen and in French they say Une Roulotte. However, this nostalgic Glamping Shepherd’s Hut gives you all the space to sit, walk and sleep that you need. Its […]

Glampingcheque en

How does it work? You send us an email in wich you : ask for a Gift Voucher mention the desired amount or the package you want to offer your name(s) and address (you will be listed as a giver on the cheque) the name(s) of the recipient of the check the address to which […]

Glamping Cottage

You can hardly call it camping… When you have your own kitchen, shower room and bathroom. But we just think camping can never be luxurious enough! Living Room Kitchen Bedroom 1 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Toilet And more… Good to know

Glamping Safari Tent

Bring your family for a stay in our Glamping Safari Tent! You hardly have to bring anything. This is what we already sorted for you: Living Room Kitchen Bedroom 1 Bedroom 2 And also Good to know

Glamping Tent Deluxe for 2

Just like a hotelroom (but in a tent). This spacious canvas tent is high and large and gives you a lot of freedom of movement inside. It also has an awning, for extra outdoor space. You’ll find yourself with bare feet in the grass having breakfast, or later a nice glass of wine, or maybe […]

Glamping Tent for 2

Your own private base camp With a wooden terrace under the awning. The perfect spot to have breakfast, a nice glass of wine, a cup of tea and a good book or to enjoy your BBQ… Living room tent Sleeping tent And also: Good to know